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Blue-Red Araucana


It has taken us a long time to source a good strain of the Blue-Red, and it is going to be some time before we start selling these birds. They have proved to be one of the most difficult to accuire.

The Blue-red is exactly what it says on the box, The Cock bird is a most stricking bird with slate blue breast thighs belly and tail, this colour is also on the wing bar. his head and saddle hackes are a beautiful orange and each feather has a blue stripe running its length. and he has the most stricking deep crimson shoulders.

The Hens are just as beatiful and very colourful, they are primarily a salmon colour in their breast and muff, with golden striped hackles. Their body wings and tail are a beautiful blue and they are covered with a peppering of golden brown.

As all of the Araucana breeds these birds lay a blue egg, i get asked alot if different coloured birds lay different coloured eggs, the answer is no, a true araucana will lay a blue egg regardless of the colour of the bird. And the bluer the better, Egg colour charts can be purchased from the Araucana Poultry Club of Great Britain, a must have for all Araucana keepers and breeders.