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Japanese Yokohama

Dispite its name the Japanese Yokohama originated in Germany in the 19th century, bred from two Japanese breeds the Minohiki (saddle dragger) and the Ohagadori, both of which are monumental breeds in Japan, The Onagadori being protected and very difficult to breed not many specimens are found outside of Japan, this is the bird which sports the longest tail of any other fowl with records of over 30 feet being reported.

The Yokohama is an ornamental breed, the large fowl only weighing in at about 5lbs it is a small chicken. Only laying eggs every 3 to 4 days is the main reason for people not wanting them as part of their laying flock but given a diet of quality breeders pellets mixed with kibbled maize and a good quality layers pellet she will increase the lay to one egg every 2 days.

 They are a very calm breed and also very quiet so make a great bird for the suburban setting, the hens will mix with other breeds without problems but the cocks do have to be kept seperate.

They lay a tinted or cream coloured egg and will go broody very easily, making very good and very protective parents.

The most stricking features of this breed is their plumage, the colours and markings are unique to the breed and not seen in any other breed of fowl. They sport a long tail, over 30 inches in individuals isn't unheard of and the saddle hackles are long and fine almost lace like and reaching the floor in adult males.

Unless you want to show your birds they don't require any special conditions, withstanding wven the coldest of our winters they are very hardy birds.

If you want your males to be kept in pristene condition then a run will need to be 6 feet high with a covered roof to make it weather proof, perches set at 4 or 5 feet to prevent tail drag damage and a floor covering of bark chips or chipped rape.